More people are becoming health-conscious and are ready to avoid using chemical-laden products that negatively affect their health longterm. However, most people do not have the privilege to afford nor have access to clean and high-quality products with promising results. 

While healthy costs more, it doesn't mean you have to break the bank. Most "clean" or "natural" companies operate on large profit margins. But at WESHEA, we are not concerned about profit. Infact, we choose purpose over profit because we believe in long term relationships and solutions.

Our goal is to make natural products affordable and accessible to everyone with no compromise. We want to educate people on the importance of choosing the natural way. Nature has a solution to everything.


Our vision is to be the World’s Most Prestigious Skincare Brand Rooted in Ancient African Beauty Secrets.


WESHEA creates high-performance and intensive skincare products that consist of only authentic, natural, and fresh ingredients. One thing that makes WESHEA stand out is that the world understands that Ghana is the home of natural resources therefore customers trust our brand.  By 2021, each batch of our products will be made fresh from the farm in Ghana to our customers worldwide.


Our promise to you


100% Natural, Authentic and Fresh


No artificial fragrance

No Dye

No Parabens

No Phthalates

No Mineral oil

No Petroleum



Our mission is to educate people to abandon chemical-laden products and to treat their bodies with respect and integrity by using products provided by nature.




Our vision is to be the World’s Most Prestigious African Cosmetic Brand that;

  • Produces high-quality and high-performance cosmetic products.

  • Provides employment opportunities to thousands of people around the world.

  • Promotes confidence, love, beauty, and happiness.

  • Takes care of its communities.

  • Worth billions of dollars.


Our Founding Values

1. Do what’s right by taking care of the people and communities that provide us with a healthy lifestyle.

2. To spread love, beauty, confidence, and peace through our products.

3. To only share items that have true meaning and significance.

4. To ensure quality over quantity and purpose over profit.




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