How I transformed my skin within 6 months

Updated: Jul 5

Around March 2019, I went through a terrible season in life where I was faced with a severe health issue. When I finally got better around June, my skin and hair got worse. Apparently, all the toxins in my body were showing up on my face and my hair was falling out. All of a sudden, the most confident girl became so vulnerable. My self-esteem dropped and I felt unhappy. I was shy to go out and at that moment, I felt like part of my beauty was stripped away. 

Because I have a lot of knowledge about natural products, I started making and experimenting with different ingredients. I kept in mind how I did not want to overwhelm myself with too many different steps and products so I wanted to make just ONE THING that could help. I wanted to keep it simple because my skin was vulnerable. My partner was worried that I was still using oils on my face while I had all these pimples. He didn't understand how Nature works. I kept convincing him to trust me and that I knew what I was doing. Well, let's just say he is a lifetime believer now because he observed the entire transformation. ​

My skin is so much clearer and I rarely get pimples ever. I gained my confidence back and I feel happier and beautiful.  This is all thanks to naturals ingredients and herbs. Keep in mind that Nature never fails. All you need is faith, patience, simplicity and, consistency.

I would love to be a part of your journey. Feel free to email or DM me on Instagram  @weshea. ​ I love you, Akua Afriyie.





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